Shot/Chaser: Dan Patrick’s Billion Dollar Border Fantasy

A KVUE Defenders investigation says, “We have to ask: is feeling safer worth our money, even if the reality isn’t proven?”

Bigger than Watergate: Texas Democrats on Trump-Russia Scandal

The integrity of American democracy and the independence of the White House from foreign puppet masters is at stake. Now is a time for patriots to put their country first.

ACA Repeal: 272,000 Texans’ Access to Critical Behavioral Health Services Care Will Be Ripped Away

In the Lone Star State, 2.55 million Texans would lose health coverage, including 272,069 Texans suffering from mental illness or substance use disorder who will lose critical mental health services made available by the ACA.

Texas Senate Republicans Vote for Trump’s Deportation Force Bill, S.B.4

Texas Senate Democrats mounted a passionate six hour debate. Democrats offered dozens of amendments designed to put public safety over Donald Trump’s campaign promises, and they were denied on party-line votes. All Texas Democrats voted against the bill.

Texans on John Cornyn & Ted Cruz’s Vote For Betsy DeVos

Texans from across our great state issued the following statements.