Be A Party Leader

We need people across Texas to step up and lead their local voting precinct, their local county Democratic party, and to join the Executive Committee of the Texas Democratic Party.

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The Texas Democratic Party is governed by a state party chair, party officers, and the State Democratic Executive Committee members (SDEC), who are elected at the state convention every two years. Read more about our party officers and State Democratic Executive Committee.

The chair is empowered by the SDEC to hire an executive director and a professional staff to perform the day-to-day functions of our party. 

County Party Conventions

During each even numbered year, any Democrat may attend their local county or senatorial district convention that follows the Democratic primary election.  At this first step, attendees elect delegates to a state convention, which is usually held in late June. 

Any Democrat in Texas who is registered to vote and has taken an oath of affiliation or has voted in the Democratic primary is eligible to attend and participate in their local convention. Registration to attend the next convention begins on January 2, 2016, and more information and an online registration form will be posted on our website.

This convention is the first step in becoming a delegate in the Democratic state convention. And in presidential election years, to becoming a delegate to the national Democratic convention and helping to nominate the next president of the United States.

State Convention

At the state convention, delegates elect the chair, vice chairs, treasurer and secretary of the Party.  The delegates are grouped by state senatorial districts and elect two representatives, one man and one woman, to the SDEC. This group performs the statutorily required business of the Party.  The SDEC has additional constituency group representatives who participate in all other decisions of the SDEC.

Democrats in each county of Texas select a county chair through an election held during the primary election.   In each county, precincts select a Precinct Chair to represent that area.  Together, the county chair and precinct chairs make up the governing body of the 254 Democratic County Party Executive Committees.

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