Shot/Chaser: Dan Patrick’s Billion Dollar Border Fantasy

Shot: Trump Republican Dan Patrick says "Make no mistake, the drug cartels control the entire border. They control it all." [Fox News,February 4, 2017 at 3:15]

Chaser: What happened to the billion in Texas taxpayer bucks Republicans spent to “control” the border?

Double: Texas taxpayers dollars are being lit on fire while Republican propaganda on border security goes on and on. [KVUE, February 2017]

A few highlights:

2017-02-14 (9).png

“The boats they bought years ago won’t work for all of the areas of the Rio Grande. They’re too heavy for the shallow parts.”


Windy days keeps the balloons at bay.”

2017-02-14 (11).png

Well, the Stripes gas station is certainly secure.

Floored: A KVUE Defenders investigation says, “We have to ask: is feeling safer worth our money, even if the reality isn’t proven?” [KVUE, February 2017]

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“It simple, Texans want their money invested to educate their children and grow the economy, not sitting idle on macho equipment tailormade for political photo ops.

“A useless wall and more parked state troopers giving out speeding tickets isn’t solving anything. Only comprehensive immigration reform will fix challenges facing this country, but we all know that Republican politicians don’t give a damn about real solutions.”


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