Texans on John Cornyn & Ted Cruz’s Vote For Betsy DeVos

Everywhere, Texas -- Texans from across our great state issued the following statements:

We could go on and on. Trump Republicans John Cornyn and Ted Cruz may be ignoring, but Texans will not stop.

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Again in Convenient Quote-Friendly Format:

Stephanie Fabela I heard you speak on the senate floor so condescending about your constituents who were pleading with you to vote No on Betsy Devos. You sir will never have my vote, and I am aiming to make as many of my fellow Texans aware of how partisan you are and how your vote can be bought.

Kevin James As my Aunt Ruby in deep East Texas used to say, "You done peed in the whiskey" on the DeVos vote. How tragic for our children - and especially for disabled children like mine who depend on IDEA. Very disappointing, and scary for what will happen to those who depend on public education.

Elizabeth Hornik It is so sad that you care more about campaign contributions than the children of Texas. I will not only be voting for your opponent in 2020 I will work hard to get other Texans to vote against you as well. Your vote stabbed Texas teachers in the back and is disrespectful to the majority of your constituents that pleaded with you to vote No on Devos. You are a disgrace to your office.

Andrew Williams Why should anyone continue to support you if you don't listen to their voice? Your towing of party lines to vote for a woefully unqualified woman to be Secretary of Education proves you do not care about your constituents, or conservative values. If you did, you'd want the best people for these jobs, instead of voting for people that have no business being there.

Donna Ryals I'm sure Mrs. DeVos will be willing to contribute to you. It's the least she can do in exchange for you selling out the nation's children. Shame on you!

Katie Smalling You have been deaf to your more moderate constituent's views and are clearly in the pocket of big business. I will be making a contribution, but it will be to your future challenger be they moderate republican or democrat. It's not too late to work for ALL Texans but you have a lot of work to do to get out of the corrupt hole you have dug.

Mayra Guevara Bontemps Resident of Sugar Land, TX here who tried to call every one of your offices this week and was met with busy lines and full voice mail. Are you listening to your constituents?

Mija Vera Robertson I sent you a long correspondence, I had high hopes for you today. Deeply disappointed, you're much better than this Senator Cruz. I respected you when you called out trump for his lies. Now I see that you're just like the rest of the "yes men". See you in 2018.

Melanie Gilbert DeVos has not and she will not advocate for a free and appropriate education for ALL children, and she is not even close to qualified to lead our nation's Dept of Education. With your vote and Cornyn's vote for confirmation, you both have shown that you do not advocate for ALL children.

All behavior has a motivation. What was yours? Shame on you!

Shiloh Modisett Asking for our money an hour after you blatantly ignored your constituents and cast a vote that will devastate Texas... Seems about right.


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