Texas Senate Republicans Vote for Trump’s Deportation Force Bill, S.B.4

Austin, TX -- Today, Republicans in the Texas Senate voted to draft our community police into the Trump Deportation Force. [Texas Senate, S.B.4]

Carrying the stories, expertise, data, and values of hundreds of Texas children, fathers, mothers, law enforcement officials, educators, health care workers, community advocates, business leaders, and clergy that testified against S.B. 4, Texas Senate Democrats mounted a passionate six hour debate. Democrats offered dozens of amendments designed to put public safety over Donald Trump’s campaign promises, and they were denied on party-line votes. All Texas Democrats voted against the bill.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Trump Republicans’ S.B. 4 will morally and economically bankrupt our great state.

“Trump Republicans in the Texas Senate have blatantly ignored the voices of Texans from all walks of life who fear the devastation S.B.4 would cause.

“I thank all the Texas Senate Democrats for their hard work to ensure everyone in Texas is respected and gets a fair shot. Texas Democrats will continue to stand up for Texans and heed the counsel of our local law enforcement officials.

“We pray the Texas House remembers what has made this state great and stop this attack on our communities.”


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